Jul 26, 2014

Cash, Credit Cards Stolen from Shoebox in Closet

The following arrest information was supplied by the Milton police department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Cash, Credit Cards Stolen from Shoebox in Closet


A Milton woman told police someone stole her passport, Social Security card, original birth certificate, 12 credit cards and $10,000 in cash from a shoebox inside her closet.

The woman said she had a verbal argument with her live-in boyfriend on Aug. 29, according to an incident report by Milton police. On the next day, she went into her closet to gather her belongings to move out. That is when she noticed a bag containing those items was missing. The last time she knows all the items were in the shoebox was Aug. 23, when she went out of town. She returned home on Aug. 27, but didn't notice the cash, credit cards and identification was missing until two days later.

Milton police advised her to contact credit unions and to cancel her credit cards that were stolen.

Milton Man Gets Tax Notice from California

A Henderson Road man was one of the latest residents to discover someone used his identity to file taxes. He also received a tax bill from California, though he has never worked there.

The man told Milton police on Aug. 28 that he tried to file his tax return online on April 14, but received the message "A tax return has already been filed with this social security number and birth date." He said the IRS told him to call back in eight weeks when he called. When he called back on June 5, he was told to file a report to make it a public record.

On Aug. 22, the victim said he received an income tax notice letter from California from $2,030.89, though he has never worked in the state and only visited it once when he was 10.

Thief Runs up Big Tab at Bar

A Deerfield Point resident told Milton police on Aug. 27 that two of her debit cards had been used fraudulently during the previous month.

The woman told police she received a call on July 19 asking if she had used her debit card to buy $49.99 wroth of songs off of iTunes at 5:30 a.m. Since she had never bought anything from iTunes, she had her debit card canceled and received a new card the next week. On July 28, she believes her second debit card must have fallen out of her bag while shopping because her bank again called her asking if she had made three purchases at Montana's Bar and Grill that night. She said the only purchase she had made was rubber bands and grapes at Target that night.

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