Jul 29, 2014

Deal Approves Funds For Windward Parkway Ramp Improvements

A $2.78 million grant from the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank would fund improvements on Windward Parkway at its interchange with Georgia 400.

Deal Approves Funds For Windward Parkway Ramp Improvements

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has approved funding for proposed improvements to Windward Pakrway's exit ramps at its S.R. 400 interchange.

The announcement is part of $33 million in grants and loan approved by the governor for various transportation infrastructure projects provided through the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB). 

The Bank is a revolving infrastructure investment fund established in 2008 by the Georgia General Assembly. It's administered by the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA).

Community improvement districts (CIDs), as well as local and state government entities are eligible for GTIB grant and loan funding. Final approval is made by the SRTA Board which is chaired by Deal.

The grant award for the proposed project is $2.78 million, and the improvements would "enhance safety, mitigate east-west traffic congestion and provide quicker access to the regionally significant Windward Parkway jobs center on the west side of SR 400," the State Tollway Authority said in a press release.

The project will include the addition of a 500-foot exit lane from the state highway to Windward Parkway, and the conversion of the existing northbound exit ramp from one to two lanes. 

The widening of Windward Parkway exit ramp will also be expanded from the existing double-left turn into a triple-left turn onto Windward Parkway westbound. 

A westbound lane between the northbound Windward Parkway exit ramp intersection and the Westside Parkway/ Deerfield Parkway intersection will also be added to accommodate the triple-left turn lanes and to improve east-west traffic operations.

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