Jul 28, 2014

Fulton Science Academy Parent Thanks Governing Board

With two children in the school, this parent thanks them for their hundreds of unpaid hours given to the school.

Fulton Science Academy Parent Thanks Governing Board

At a time of great adversity and challenge I would like to thank the FSA MS Governing Board from my heart for the heroic efforts you have put forward for our community, for our school, and our children.

I would like to thank you for your time and the hundreds of unpaid hours you have given selflessly to ensure that our children can continue to receive the best possible education. 

I would like to thank-you for your dedication, the sleepless nights, and willingness to do what it takes to keep our school open. 

I would like to thank you for your energy as you have given your all to make the school a success.

I would like to thank-you for your convictions and staying the course when surrender would have been easier. 

I would like to thank-you for your kindness and love; for you have done this not for personal gain but for our most precious asset – our children. 

I would like to thank-you for being the leaders that are needed for you have shown us all what makes America great --- leadership and strong moral courage in the face of impossible odds and great personal risk.

Many do not know of the challenges that the Governing Board has faced:  

The untold volunteer hours, the meals and family time missed, the holidays given up and vacations cut short to write and deliver on time the thousands of pages of documents required to respond to an unprecedented level of questions from government officials, educational bureaucrats, and the press. 

The pain you all felt when  being degraded and maligned by educational bureaucrats who believe they are superior to you, the FSA Governing Board, because for some reason Americans who are of German, Hispanic, Scottish, and Turkish heritage are inferior. 

They do not know of the endless investigations that have been conducted at the request of educational bureaucrats that are intent on finding something to hang the Governing Board because the educational bureaucrats believe that they have the right to use intimidation as a tool to get their way. 

The tears shed when government officials, educational bureaucrats, and the press have chosen to malign the school with vicious unsubstantiated statements designed to destroy your reputation and that of the school.  

Many do not know of the self-doubt that the governing board members have felt during the darkest hours when they felt abandoned and attacked from all sides by nameless, faceless educational bureaucrats  that wish to close this school and others like it because FSA has done what no other public school in the county has done --- delivered educational excellence at a lower cost.  

To all of you on the FSA Middle School Governing Board I wish to thank-you for showing the courage, strength of character, moral conviction, and love to do what is right and exemplifying what has always been the American way – to stand up to injustice, to stand for what is right and for giving selflessly to help others especially our children.

I hope that with the grace of God and the help of others that this will come to a successful conclusion and no matter what the outcome is I wanted you say thank-you for being who you are and for the dedication and love that you have shown our community, school and all of our children.


Tom Deeb

Parent of 2 FSA Middle School Students

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