23 Aug 2014
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Milton Council Voting to Buy North Fulton Radio System

The city's share of the $16 million project by four North Fulton cities is $2.4 million.

Milton Council Voting to Buy North Fulton Radio System

Milton City Council is scheduled to vote tonight on spending a little more than $2.43 million as its share of a public safety radio system for North Fulton cities.

Four North Fulton cities – Milton, Alpharetta, Roswell and Sandy Springs – have agreed to fund and operate the radio system, rather than wait for Fulton County to upgrade its system. Johns Creek was invited to participate in the intergovernmental agreement, but turned down the opportunity.

Johns Creek City Council members at the time felt the other cities had rushed to pick a radio system, though Milton's city manager and city attorney said proper steps and bidding processes were followed.

Lagerbloom has told City Council that the Fulton County radio system is failing, and has suffered complete failure several times already. Parts for the old, outdated system are difficult to find he said. "It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when," Lagerbloom said about the Fulton radio system's chances of failure.

A report being presented at City Council's 6 p.m. meeting today at City Hall by Milton City Manager Chris Lagerbloom says that the North Fulton radio system is expected to cost no more than $16 million, including the installation of a few radio towers to assure full coverage in Milton. The city's share is set at 15.21 percent of the total, based on a weighted average of population, landmass and number of radios.

Milton approved the agreement with the other cities on Jan 28. It put Sandy Springs in the lead to buy the equipment from a state contract. The other cities will reimburse Sandy Springs based on the cost sharing percentage. The project management and construction/installation services will be picked via a request for proposals process and that estimated cost is included in the total system cost.

Sandy Springs signed a contract with Motorola in December 2012 for $4.9 million on behalf of all NF cities to begin Phase I of the project. Milton's weighted share of Phase I is $746,469. The city's capital project fund will cover this cost. Phase 2 will be presented in the near future. Milton will need to be involved in both phases for this project to be successful.

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