23 Aug 2014
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Pregnant Store Manager Bruised in Armed Robbery

Four female employees were terrorized in the Tuesday morning armed robbery of the Dunkin Donuts on Old Milton Parkway.

Pregnant Store Manager Bruised in Armed Robbery

A woman who was seventh months pregnant was bruised during an armed robbery on Tuesday morning of the store where she is the manager.

A suspect was caught after store employees reported the armed robbery at 6:02 a.m. on May 29. But they hadn't found the more than $1,800 taken from a store safe or the gun and clothes worn by the man during the robbery.

A police report from the says that three employees were working in the front of the store when a man walked up to the side of the front counter and started fumbling with the handle of the half door separating employees from customers. One of the three female employees screamed to alert her coworkers. The suspect shoved her to the floor and pointed a gun at another employee. The third employee got onto the floor as well when she saw this.

When the store manager heard the screams, she came out from the office to find out what was happening. but the suspect met her in the hallway and forced her back to the office, and to open up the store safe. The only words he spoke to the pregnant store manager were, "money, money, money."

Once he was out of sight in the back of the store, the other three women fled the store and called 911. The investigating officer at the scene took statements, and three other officers searched the area before finding someone who matched his descripton. Once the suspect was caught, police say he said, "I work at Dunkin Donuts" even before he was asked any questions.

"While our officer attempted to handcuff him, he resisted, fought and fled on foot again," said George Gordon, spokesman for the department. "The officer gave a command for him to halt or the K9 police dog would be released. He continued to flee. The dog was released and it subdued the suspect."

The suspect was transported to Grady for self-sustained injuries after he fell down a hill running from officers, and a possible dog bite.

The suspect was identitied in part by the distinctive shoes worn by the person seen on security video of the armed robbery. A check of his records revealed prior felony convictions, the police report said.

Timothy D. Fitzpatrick, 24, of Roswell, was arrested and charged with four felonies–armed robbery-gun, aggravated assault with a firearm, obstruction of officers and firearm used by a convicted felon in the commission of a crime, and two misdemeanors, battery and battery of a pregnant female.

He remains in custody in Fulton County Jail.

The arrest information was supplied by the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety. It does not indicate a conviction.

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