23 Aug 2014
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Caterpillar Site Hit By Thieves

Someone stole a $15,000 ATV, among other items, from a construction site in Athens, Ga..

Caterpillar Site Hit By Thieves


Officials from Gray Construction and from Plateau Excavation—both working on the new Caterpillar site—reported a burglary at the construction site. It happened sometime between Tuesday night at 6:30 and 6am on Wednesday.

According to an incident report filed with the , someone went into an unlocked storage trailer belonging to Gray Construction and took three extension cords and three gas cans. Thieves also stole a red $15,000 ATV and damaged the ignition switch of another ATV. They also stole batteries from various pieces of heavy-duty equipment.

Someone went into an unlocked trailer, where workers would meet, and partially ripped a television off the wall, trying to steal it. It was lying against a trailer wall, the report said.

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