21 Aug 2014
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Foot Fetish, Mime Attack and Large Posteriors

This is an editor's selection of bizarre crime stories.

Foot Fetish, Mime Attack and Large Posteriors

There were many bizarre crimes stories in Athens during 2013. 


a woman dressed as a mime who attacked a UGA student

to a man who confessed to liking women with large posteriors, 

we seem to have had a large array of strange incidents, few involving alcohol. 

There were several people displaying serious anger issues, 

like the dinner guest who bit her hostess because she didn’t want to eat noodles.

 The man who attacked a neighbor because smoke from a cookout was blowing into his personal space

And the gun-carrying dog owner who refused to pick up Fido’s poop.

And how can anyone forget the possible foot fetish guy who photographed a woman’s pedal extremities? 

Or the man who flagged down a police officer, who then arrested him? Don't forget the poor guy who was in a port-a-potty when a semi-truck backed into it?

Here’s to a colorful 2014.

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