Jul 29, 2014

Mischievous Elves on the Loose - Have You Seen One?

What have the elves been up to at your home?

Mischievous Elves on the Loose - Have You Seen One?


If you've heard of " Elf on the Shelf," then you know we are now in peak Elf mischief-making time.

As Fort Bragg Patch editor Kelly Twedell explained in a recent article,"In case you don't have the game, the Elf 'arrives' the day after Thanksgiving and plays silly pranks and hides in your house everyday until Christmas when he magically disappears." 

Do you have a mischievous elf at your house? Have you caught him in the act of committing some elfin hijinks? Upload your photos so the rest of us will be prepared if the elf decides to pull a similar stunt at our homes (because he just might if some of us don't come up with some good ideas of our own!!).

Join the fun on Instagram by tagging your photos of elfin mischief with #PatchElf. 


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