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Royal or Peasant, the Food's Fit for a King

Patty dips into the Royal Peasant and finds the comfort food comforting.

Royal or Peasant, the Food's Fit for a King

Generally, I am quite responsible.

If I go out to dinner, it's because that's what I planned to do that evening. The other day, though, it was about 5 p.m., and we were stopping at to get groceries before heading home to make supper.

"We could have an early supper at ," I said.

"We could," the husband said.

I started for the store. He headed for the restaurant.

"You were serious?" I said.

"You bet," he said. "We earned it."

So, we had a slightly decadent unplanned restaurant meal. 

We had been to Royal Peasant a few times before. I am hardly an expert, but it seems like a really authentic British pub to me. They have lots of beer, some on draft and some in bottles, and other kinds of liquor, even some interesting  drinks--hot toddy in the winter, for instance--yum! There is a small wine list.

There are two tellys (tellies?) with sports, and even a chalkboard listing upcoming "footie" matches. I'm betting that they're talking soccer, not American football.

There are only six or so tables, and about a dozen seats at the bar, but there are some tables outside in a screened "porch", for the cooler weather that's coming. (This is the space that used to be the Mean Bean. I was sad to see that restaurant go, but I have to admit, this is pretty fun, too.)

There were few diners when we arrived, but it was mostly full when we left. People greeted each other and the staff, singles and couples, friends and strangers. It had a comfortable, neighborhood bar feel. There weren't any kids, although I have heard they are common in the pubs in England. They might especially like eating outside. 

I started with the only French wine on the list--champagne! It's very fun to have champagne for no reason, but it does seem to go to my head more than other wines. (It wore off by the time we left for the grocery store, fortunately.)

Their menu is not very extensive. It is amusingly divided into Royal and Peasant dishes. There are some really different items on it--at least for Athens--like lamb stew, or vegetarian and meat curries... There are British classics like fish and chips, my Mom's favorite, and bangers and mash, which hubby ordered.

Bangers are sausages and they are served with mashed potatoes and cabbage. There is a gravy that really makes the dish. I had the burger, with bacon and cheese, and French fries. Sigh. I said it was a decadent meal. It was very tasty, juicy and flavorful, just the thing when you need a little comfort food. 

This is not health food. There is a salad on the menu--with bacon.

There weren't very many desserts, but we split a Navy Rum Pie. It was good enough to fill the bill, about what you would expect--rum-soaked cake with creamy and custardy layers. 

The food is tasty and filling and very reasonable--about $20 per person including a beverage and half a dessert--and a generous tip for the efficient and pleasant waitress. 

Atmosphere - very good, Service - very good, Food - very good
Royal Peasant is in Five Points. website:  http://royalpeasant.com/about.php. It is pretty close to an authentic British pub, although there is a vegetarian option. Lamb, beef, pork. Extensive beer choices. Some weekly specials. 

Patty's picks: Bangers and mash

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