22 Aug 2014
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Weird Police News: 'Look, I Have No Underwear On'

More of the strange stuff police officers around North Georgia were up against recently

Weird Police News: 'Look, I Have No Underwear On' Weird Police News: 'Look, I Have No Underwear On' Weird Police News: 'Look, I Have No Underwear On'

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Look, no undershorts: A Lithonia panhandler told female customers at a convenience store that he needed some cash. His pitch? "Look, I have no underwear on," he told them, according to  Creative Loafing. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

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Pollen lewdness: It’s common to see funny things drawn on pollen-covered vehicles this time of year, but an Oconee County man told a sheriff’s deputy he found a surprise. Somebody scribbled a lewd drawing in the pollen on the hood of his truck and probably also urinated on the front grill.

Family fight at Greyhound station: A stepmother and stepdaughter reportedly fought over $300 at a Greyhound bus station in Norcross earlier this month. The elder woman told police that the stepdaughter slapped her in the head and face, snatched her purse and tried to dump out its contents. The stepdaughter said the stepmother took $300 from her dresser. The police report said the elder woman had purchased a $190 bus ticket with cash, and had $100 on her person. But she also had a red mark on her cheek. The stepdaughter was arrested and charged with battery.

Raid on an underwear drawer: Two thieves — a man and a woman — that was hidden in her underwear drawer. The man, approximately 18 to 22 years old, knocked on the door and "mentioned something about the roof." Thinking the young man knew her 81-year-old husband, the woman led him to the living room to see the husband. A young woman then knocked on the door, claiming to be the man’s friend and needing to use the bathroom. She was let in, too. The suspects left soon afterward, apparently leaving an empty envelop that had contained the money.

Trickery played on cashier: A cashier in training at a Buford-area Golden Corral handed over $400 to a tall man in a Yankees cap who “kept asking her for change.” According to the police report, the man distracted the cashier as he picked up and put down bills, and continued asking for more change. The cashier told police the man said he wanted smaller bills because he was going to play poker. He was out of the restaurant before anybody knew what happened.

The clutch was just the start: A man told a Barrow County Sheriff's Office deputy that his girlfriend tried to run him over after they argued about the clutch going out in her vehicle. She said she kicked him out of the car after he struck her in the head with a plastic bowl, but denied trying to run him over.

Driving on a rim: An Athens-area man said he was looking to pull off the road to fix a flat when police stopped him for driving his pickup with a shredded tire that was grinding on the pavement. The man was arrested and charged with DUI after failing a sobriety test. An open bottle of gin was found in the truck, as was a semiautomatic pistol.

Just asking to get caught: Attention was drawn to a stolen auto when Milton Police stopped a Honda Civic that displayed a hand-written “tag applied for” paper sign, a knife jammed into the edge of a window to hold it up, and damage where the lock was located.

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