Jul 28, 2014
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POLL: Have You Ever Received Counterfeit Money?

The U.S. Secret Service is warning citizens to use caution during cash transactions.

POLL: Have You Ever Received Counterfeit Money?
Have you ever been given a counterfeit bill? Despite safeguards to keep counterfeit bills out of circulation, fake money could still end up in your wallet.

The Atlanta Field Office of the United States Secret Service is warning citizens to exercise caution when handling cash transactions due to recent incidents of counterfeit money being passed in the metro Atlanta area. The counterfeit bills have a "77" on the back image above the "100" in the bottom right corner. Serial numbers of the counterfeit bills are shown in the image above.

In the advisory, the U.S. Secret Service asks citizens to contact local police and the U.S. Secret Service Atlanta Field Office at (404) 331-6111 if they have information on anyone attempting to pass counterfeit bills.

Have you ever received counterfeit money? Do you check your bills for security marks before completing a cash transaction? Let us know in the comments or vote in our pollNote: This is not a scientific poll. It is for entertainment purposes only.

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