Jul 26, 2014
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POLL: Will Focus on 'Income Inequality' Work for Democrats in 2014?

Income inequality and lack of upward mobility are expected to be part of a broad Democratic push ahead of the 2014 midterm elections.

POLL: Will Focus on 'Income Inequality' Work for Democrats in 2014?
Last month, President Barack Obama addressed what many political analysts believe will be a focal point for Democrats in 2014: income inequality.

In a Dec. 4 speech, President Obama said he hopes to reverse the decades-long frustration of a "dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility that has jeopardized middle-class America’s basic bargain -- that if you work hard, you have a chance to get ahead."

In his remarks, President Obama said income inequality and decreased upward mobility pose a "fundamental threat" to the American Dream and are bad for families and the democracy. 

Extending unemployment benefits and pushing for a minimum wage hike are two areas in which Democrats intend to push for greater income equality -- a move critics say is an effort to shift focus from the troubled Obamacare rollout to the economy.

“Well, when you believe that the federal government is the solution to everything, from health care to jobs, wealth creation to success, you are forced to talk about things like minimum wage instead of maximizing the potential for the middle class and working families,” Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for Senate Republicans’ campaign arm, told Politico. “Democrats are going to spend 2014 focusing on anything but Obamacare and the economy.”

Do you believe Democrats are right to focus on income inequality heading into the 2014 midterm elections? Do you feel income inequality is a major problem? Let us know in the comments or vote in our poll.

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