Jul 26, 2014
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Shoplifter Walked Out the Front Doors with Lawnmower

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Shoplifter Walked Out the Front Doors with Lawnmower

Most shoplifters try to conceal the items they steal, but in the case of a recent incident at the Walmart on Atlanta Highway, the perpetrator apparently walked out the front doors with a lawn mower.

And it seems he got away with the crime for the time being.

The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office investigated a report from the store around noon of May 1 after a man was seen loading the lawnmower into a shopping cart, and later walking past all points of sale and through the general merchandise doors.

The lawnmower, a Briggs & Stratton model, was valued at $218. The store was unable to take the man into custody. He was described as a black male wearing black or dark colored pants, a peach colored shirt, and a white hat, according to the incident report.

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