Jul 26, 2014

Simmer Down, Atlanta: Road Rage Increases Around Fourth of July

Atlanta among “most discourteous” cities for driving near summer holidays.

Simmer Down, Atlanta: Road Rage Increases Around Fourth of July

by Beth Lawton

Atlanta drivers are not very polite or patient when it comes to summer holiday driving — but they're not the worst.

The Atlanta metro ranked third in a survey of drivers across 10 large U.S. cities focusing on aggressive driving behavior. The survey, by Safeco Insurance, shows aggressive driving increases in the summer, especially around the Fourth of July holiday.

Drivers in Washington, D.C. are rated as “most discourteous” with 40 percent more likely to be rude during the holiday weekend. Such rudeness includes tailgating, using their horn and yelling or gesturing at other drivers in an aggressive manner, according to the survey. Following Washington, D.C.:

  • Boston ranked No. 2 (38 percent).
  • Atlanta ranked No. 3 (34 percent).
  • Rounding out the top five are New York and Chicago, both at 32 percent.

When Safeco Insurance did a similar survey in 2009, Atlanta ranked No. 4.

Earlier this year, Safeco Insurance launched “Drive It Forward Fridays,asking drivers to use the hashtag #DIFF to pledge to be a more courteous driver. A Safeco Insurance study in May included this question:

What actions did survey respondents say, if stopped, would help make driving more pleasant?

  • Cutting off other drivers (59 percent)
  • Using high beams toward oncoming traffic (57 percent)
  • Tailgating (56 percent)

What do you think about Atlanta-area drivers? Are they really that rude?

You can read more about the most discourteous drivers survey from Safeco Insurance here.  

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