Jul 26, 2014
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Tripp Halstead Recovering from Another Surgery

In a post on Facebook, Stacy Halstead said this is the eighth surgery her son has undergone in the past four months.

Tripp Halstead Recovering from Another Surgery

Tripp Halstead, a toddler seriously injured in October when a tree limb weighing several hundred pounds fell and struck him in the head, is recovering from a surgery performed earlier today, according to a post on  the Facebook page where the family provides updates on his condition. 

The procedure was the eighth surgery the toddler has undergone in the past four months. Doctors removed a drain that allowed fluid to flow into a bag outside of his head and replaced it with a new, bacteria-free drain.

Tripp's mother, Stacy Halstead, shared this post about 11 a.m.: 

Stacy: Tripps surgery just got started. It was delayed due to low potassium but they got it back up. Bill and I are trying to eat some breakfast even though it is hard to swallow anything at the moment. This is his 8th surgery in 4 months. It is so hard to deal with so many setbacks. Breaks my heart into pieces. He looked so great in therapy and because of this ever persistent bacteria, he cried and moans and seems to be storming a bit. He is stiff again and we just cant get his blood pressure under control, not too mention the throwing up. Hard to watch. We try to stay as positive as we can be for Tripp and to keep ourselves sane. It had been a long long 4 months of ups and downs. We came in Oct and now it is almost March. We missed a whole season. Tripp came in wearing 2t and now (when he does wear clothes) he wears a 4t. Missed a whole size. I could name over a million things Tripp and our whole family has missed being here but the fact that we still have Tripp with us makes it all ok. I will spend forever in this hospital as long as I am with him. Thank you for your prayers today and everyday. Love you all.

One of the latest posts said Tripp was doing well following surgery and was resting. You can follow updates on Tripp's condition  here

The Barrow County community, and communities in the surrounding area, has held numerous fundraiser to assist with the toddler's medical care. 

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