Jul 30, 2014

Is It Too Hard To Adopt A Pet In Metro Atlanta?

Our Patch Question of the Week asks, do potential pet owners have to jump through too many hoops to adopt a new little friend?

Is It Too Hard To Adopt A Pet In Metro Atlanta?

Metro Atlanta has a lot of worthwhile organizations and groups that find good homes for needy pets.

Ruffus Rescue is an all-volunteer dog rescue group that holds a dog adoption event most Saturdays in Virginia Highland. Brookhaven's Citydog Market hosts pet rescue and adoption organizations during most summer weekends.

LifeLine Animal Project, which operates a no-kill shelter in Avondale Estates, waived its $80-$120 adoption fees earlier this year members of Girl Scouts. Later, the organization did the same for teachers and educators.

Most recently, the founder of Buckhead's Anisa International cosmetics company has promised to match every dollar donated to LifeLine up to $25,000, before Dec. 31.

And the holiday season also brings up the question of whether its a good idea to give a pet as a gift. Giving a puppy or a kitten, or even an older animal, as a gift during the holiday season may sound like a great idea to some, but it may not be in reality.

But some people think that adopting a pet in metro Atlanta is a hassle, with too much paperwork and screening, not to mention often-high adoption fees.

So Patch wants to know: do you think its too hard to adopt a pet these days? Or are these organizations simply doing all they can to make sure our furry friends find the best home possible? Did you bring a new pet into your home over the holidays? Share your opinions in the comments area below.

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