Jul 28, 2014
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Atlanta Weather Timeline for Reaching Single-Digit Temps

Expect dangerously cold wind chills with readings reaching 10 degrees below zero.

Atlanta Weather Timeline for Reaching Single-Digit Temps
But for a few flurries, Atlanta largely escaped the snow and icy conditions that make travel hazardous, but the worst is yet to come.

The metro area is under a  wind chill advisory through 1 p.m. Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. 

It warns of dangerously cold wind chills with readings down to 10 below zero.

Frost bite and hypothermia are likely if precautions are not taken. 

Do not venture outdoors without proper protective clothing. If you must go outside, wear multiple layers of loose-fitting clothing and be sure to cover all exposed skin. Be sure to wear a hat. Mittens provide more protection to the hands than gloves.

wind advisory remains in effect for the area through midnight Monday, according to NWS. Gusts up to 40 mph are possible.

The NWS predicts clear skies accompanied by bitter cold Monday night and Tuesday,  according to the forecast

Monday Afternoon
Temperatures will begin to drop into the teens with northwest winds around 20 mph with gusts as high as 40 mph. It will feel like it's just a few degrees above zero,   according to The Weather Channel.

Monday Night
With temps and wind speeds in the teens, the wind chill will below zero by about 7 p.m. By 2 a.m., it will feel like 10 below zero.

Tuesday Morning
Around 6 a.m., the wind will have died down a bit, but the temp will be around 6 degrees. It'll still feel like 9 below. By noon, skies will be sunny with temps up to to about 15, but the wind chill will be 3 degrees.

Tuesday Afternoon
Temps will rise, but not by much. By 5 p.m., it will be around 24 but feel like 17. Wind speeds will have died to about 5 mph.

Tuesday Night 
By 6 p.m., temps will start to drop again, reaching the teens. By midnight, a 21-degree temp will feel like 12 with falling wind speeds and rising humidity.

Wednesday Morning
Temps in the teens will continue, but the wind chill won't be any lower. By 1 p.m., it's expected to rise just above freezing.

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