15 Sep 2014
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Buckhead CID Awarded $750K for Ga. 400 Multiuse Trail

Governor Deal approved funding for 11 other projects through the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank.

Buckhead CID Awarded $750K for Ga. 400 Multiuse Trail Buckhead CID Awarded $750K for Ga. 400 Multiuse Trail

announced recently the approval of funding for 12 transportation infrastructure projects, including the much discussed in Buckhead, totaling more than eight million dollars in grants and loans funded by the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB).  The GTIB program is a revolving infrastructure investment fund established in 2008 by Georgia legislators and administered by the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA). Only community improvement districts (CIDs) are eligible for grant funding and CIDs and local and state government entities are eligible for loan funding.

The 11 CIDs awarded are as follows: Perimeter (Fulton), Midtown, Atlanta, Gwinnett Village, Gwinnett Place, Buckhead, Evermore, Stone Mountain, North Fulton, Lilburn and Cumberland.

 “The GTIB program is a way for communities who are serious about investing in their infrastructure to apply for the help they need to complete or move their projects forward,” said Governor Deal. “These projects are the kind of investments that not only sustain communities, but they also strengthen communities by providing more job opportunities.”

SRTA manages the GTIB funds, as well as the grant and loan application review and selection process. Final approval is made by the SRTA Board which is chaired by the Governor.

“To date, the GTIB program has awarded approximately $20 million in grants and loans since the program’s inception which have helped fund projects with a total value of more than $100 million dollars,” said SRTA Executive Director Dr. Gena Evans.

“SRTA is committed to helping communities invest in mobility solutions that enhance quality of life and provide greater access for all Georgia citizens.”

Serving as a member of the SRTA Board, GDOT Commissioner Keith Golden applauds the 11 award recipients and supports the partnerships created through the GTIB program.

“In addition to providing financial support for local transportation improvements, the GTIB program has created vital partnerships with state and local governments and entities that work to keep people moving in Georgia,” said Commissioner Golden.

Grant applications were scored using a point system based on the following criteria: transportation/engineering merit; economic merit; local, state and federal matching funds and project specifics including the project phase and feasibility. Loan applications include the aforementioned criteria as well as borrower type; project type and loan spend down/repayment abilities.

Below are details of the 12 CID grant projects:

The project includes a 10'-14' wide trail that is approximately 5 miles long.  This multiuse path will be for bicyclists, skaters, walkers and runners and will be the spine of the Buckhead Collection's Trails and Greenways Subsystem and along the Ga. 400 right of way. The trail will connect parks, other trails, schools, and neighborhoods to the urban core of Buckhead and ultimately the Atlanta Beltline. The GTIB grant award amount is $750,000.

What is your opinion of the Ga. 400 Multiuse Trail? Let us know in the comments below.


Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District
I-85 Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) at Pleasant Hill Road-
The innovative project intersection is designed for vehicles to cross to the opposite sides of the road on the bridge when entering or exiting the freeway. The design allows for a two-phase operation at all signalized intersections within the interchange and is a significant improvement in safety and traffic flow. The GTIB grant award is $1,000,000.

Perimeter Community Improvement District (Fulton)
Lake Hearn & Peachtree Dunwoody Road Streetscape and Intersection Improvement- The project will increase the left-turn lane length for the westbound approach on Lake Hearn Drive and will add a free flowing right-turn lane for westbound traffic on Lake Hearn Drive onto eastbound I-285.  The improvements will create a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly environment, improve vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle safety. The GTIB grant award amount is $1,000,000.

Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District
I-85 Diverging Diamond (DDI) Interchange at Jimmy Carter Blvd-
This project will “cross-over” traffic in advance of the Jimmy Carter Blvd Bridge to obtain free-flow operation for the heavy left-turn volumes accessing the I-85 entrance ramps.  Constructing these improvements will achieve significant operational and safety benefits for pedestrians and vehicular traffic while requiring minimal modification to the existing bridge The GTIB grant award amount is $1,000,000.

Atlanta Downtown Improvement District
I-75/85 Downtown Connector Gateway Bridge Improvements-
The project will upgrade two existing bridges along the I-75/85 Connector: Peachtree Street and Capitol Avenue/Memorial Drive. Upgrades will include safety enhancements such as replacement fencing, improved way-finding elements and enhanced pedestrian amenities. The GTIB grant award amount is $200,000.

Lilburn Community Improvement District
Main Street Realignment-
The relocated roadway will include the construction of a new three lane section (relocated Main St) from the current intersection with US 29 (Lawrenceville Hwy) and extending to Church Street. The project will also consist of two roundabouts, a median, a 10 ft multi-use trail, pedestrian pole lights, curb and gutter, and drainage improvements. Roadway improvements will also occur to adjoining local roads to provide for adequate connectivity to the relocated and realigned Main Street. The GTIB grant award amount is $800,000.

Evermore Community Improvement District
1.  Old Highway 78 at Walton Ct – Realignment-
The project to be constructed is the realignment of Old Highway 78 on the north side of US 78 and directly across existing Walton Court.  The realigned Old Highway 78 with US 78 will include new signalization (mast arm and LED street sign) and access to Highpoint Road.  This project is one phase of a larger plan that includes the construction of a road that will run parallel to US 78 (Hewatt-Parkwood-Britt Connector Road).  The GTIB grant award amount is $200,000. The GTIB loan amount for the Old Highway 78 at Walton Ct – Realignment Project is $300,000.

New Connector Street Project-
The project will construct a two-lane road that will run parallel to Highway 78 for a distance of one mile from Hewatt Road to Britt Road. The project will include sidewalks and a refuge island to provide for pedestrian safety. As a result, the project is intended to provide an alternate route for commercial truck traffic, reduce the number of turning conflicts on Hwy 78, re-direct traffic to signalized locations and retain businesses on the corridor. The GTIB loan amount for the New Connector Street Project is $501,962.

Cumberland Community Improvement District
Windy Hill Road Improvements-
The project consists of widening Windy Hill Road to allow for an additional westbound lane from approximately 400 feet east of Powers Ferry Road to the Spectrum Circle/Interstate North Parkway intersection. The other existing lane would remain as is, but some of the existing striped median and lane widths would be reduced to minimize impacts to adjacent property owners.  In addition, a 300 foot long right turn lane will be added to Powers Ferry northbound to Windy Hill Road.  The GTIB grant award amount is $1,000,000.

Midtown Community Improvement District
Midtown Gateway Bridge Improvements-
The project will upgrade three existing bridges along the I-75/85 Connector: Peachtree Street, 10th Street and North Avenue. Upgrades will include safety enhancements to the bridges including improved signalization, replacement fencing, new way-finding signage, enhanced pedestrian amenities including upgraded crosswalks. The GTIB grant award amount is $200,000.

Stone Mountain Community Improvement District
Transportation Safety Enhancement Initiative-
This project consists of 5 improvements to include 1) Replacement of the Mountain Industrial Boulevard pedestrian bridge railing and roadway guardrail, 2) Installation of 21 LED illuminated street signs at 10 intersections on Mountain Industrial Boulevard, 3) Installation of roadway safety lighting at each ramp at Mountain Ind. Boulevard/US Highway 78, 4) Intersection operational improvements at the Mountain Industrial Boulevard and East Ponce de Leon intersection, and 5) Removal of abandoned rail road track crossings. The GTIB grant award amount is $500,000.

North Fulton Community Improvement District
Encore Parkway-Westside Parkway to North Point Parkway
The project will include the reconstruction of the Encore Parkway Bridge over GA400: widening to provide turn lanes, signal upgrades and signal timing, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, way finding, and connectivity to existing multi-use trails to match the North Fulton Community Improvement District (NFCID) overlay standards.  The GTIB grant award amount is $1,000,000.

For information on the GTIB program including grant and loan applications, guidelines, terms and loan interest rates visit the SRTA website.

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