23 Aug 2014
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Buckhead Coalition's Massell Expects More Out of Mayor Reed

Sam Cassell is president of the Buckhead Coalition

Buckhead Coalition's Massell Expects More Out of Mayor Reed

As spokesperson for the Buckhead Coalition business group, Sam Massell has publicly called on Atlanta’s Mayor and City Council to control growth of traffic, taxes, and crime, and to be sensitive to the brotherhood of those in need.  Having himself served as Mayor, Massell complimented the city government in his remarks as a participant in the inauguration ceremony Monday [1/6/14], but emphasized more could be done.

It came as no surprise that Massell also seized the opportunity to boost Buckhead’s “brand” to the estimated 1,000 in attendance at the Civic Center.  He identified the Coalition’s mission of “nurturing the quality of life of those who live, visit, work, and play” in this Community, and quipped that regardless of gracious comments, to the contrary, suggesting Massell was Mayor of Buckhead, Reed was Mayor for all of Atlanta (including this exceptional northern quadrant).

Mayor Massell was pleased Reed recognized the need for more effort to improve public safety in general.  In his formal speech, Reed called on Fulton County officials to help in this challenge, citing the fact that Atlanta pays “the lion’s share of its budget”.  Massell has pointed out in the past, the difference where County Fire Department personnel typically stand ready to cross the City / County lines, where this mindset is not normal practice with law enforcement.

Massell also complimented the City Council being inaugurated, and predicted that the new Board of Education would serve in a progressive manner.

About The Buckhead Coalition

The Buckhead Coalition is a nonprofit civic association, much like a chamber of commerce, for this affluent northern quadrant of the city of Atlanta.  Its membership is limited to 100 CEOs of major area firms, by invitation.  Its mission is to “nurture the quality of life and help coördinate an orderly growth” within its 28 square miles, with a population of 78,000.  It was incorporated in 1988.  Its founding president is Sam Massell, a former Mayor of Atlanta.  Its chairman (changed every two years) is David P. Fitzgerald, president & Chief Executive Officer of Fitzgerald & Company.

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