Here's the latest update from Bob Gibeling from the Democratic National Convention:

One of the fun aspects of being at the DNC is spotting media personalities. One night I sat next to TV political commentator Joe Klien while I watched the exciting Georgia Tech game. Then I spotted Bob Shiefer , a veteran national TV correspondent. Yesterday I met Gavin Newsome, the Lt. Governor of California. He recently began hosting his own show on Current TV, the network started by former VP Al Gore.

A few minutes ago I chatted with former GOP national chairman Michael Steele. He is a frequent commentator on MSNBC and very gracious man.  I good naturedly showed him the credentials around my neck from when I attended the Republican National Convention in 1972.  He looked closely and gave me a warm smile , surprised that I  had saved this old photo ID . (I wonder if I could use it to vote.) Michael remarked  on the journey I have come. Yes indeed.


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