21 Aug 2014
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Twin Peaks Finding Success in Buckhead

The new Buckhead "breastaurant" seeks to be the ultimate man cave.

Twin Peaks Finding Success in Buckhead Twin Peaks Finding Success in Buckhead Twin Peaks Finding Success in Buckhead

While there is little doubt what the main attraction is at Buckhead's newest eatery "Twin Peaks," General Manager Andrew McGehee wants people to know that his restaurant offers much more than just scantily clad waitresses.

The "breastaurant" industry, as it has come to be known for obvious reasons, is definitely booming and Twin Peaks is at the forefront. The girls wear skimpy flannel tops, short shorts and boots (of course). Based in Addison, Texas, sales for Twin Peaks last year grew 35 percent to $44 million from the previous year, according to Technomic, a food industry research firm. 

In a report last month based on Technomic's research, the Huffington Post said the nation's top three "breastaurant" chains behind Hooters each had sales growth of 30 percent or more last year. While they represent less than 1 percent of the nation's top restaurants, the upstart chains have benefitted during the down economy even as other mid-priced options like Applebee's have experienced declines.

Now at the end of just its second full-service week in Buckhead at 3365 Piedmont Road, McGehee said that business is indeed good. He believes it has more to do with his restaurant being the "ultimate man cave," however, than his employees. 

"I don't think it is due to being a "breastaurant," he said. "I think it is based on the level of service that we provide, the quality of food that we have and the overall attention to detail."

The "ski-lodge meets beer commercial" atmosphere offers a 100 HD televisions featuring the best in sports (which is part of a $150,000 audio/visual system the restaurant proudly touts) an extensive selection of 29-degree draft beer served from a full-service bar, a patio and a second level that looks like a tech-savvy lumberjack's living room.

"We took the 'breastaurant' industry and we have gone to the next level in a lot of ways," McGehee said.  

And yes, Twin Peaks offers patrons something to eat, too — serving up made from scratch "comfort food."

McGehee explained that Twin Peaks is not just for young men, as both men and women from all walks of life seem to enjoy it. 

"Last night, I had a group of ladies come in and they had the best time ever," he said.

While he realizes some people may take issue with what Twin Peaks has to offer, he encourages everyone to come in and experience it for themselves before forming an opinion.

"I would say give us a chance," he said. "It has been an amazing thing and we are very proud. You are not going to find anything else like us in Buckhead."

What is your opinion of "breastaurants?" Have you been to Twin Peaks yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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