Jul 28, 2014

Catching Up with Brian Hah of Yogurberry

The young entrepreneur owns and manages multiple businesses in Buckhead and was recently honored by the Buckhead Business Association.

Catching Up with Brian Hah of Yogurberry

Buckhead Patch caught up with Brian Hah, the owner and operator of the Yogurberry located at Terminus. Hah was honored in January at the Buckhead Business Association annual luncheon as the Entrepreneur of the Year.

Hah took over the failing frozen yogurt shop in 2008 and made it a "hit" among the Buckhead business community, which is difficult since the yogurt shop is somewhat tucked away in the Terminus.

With frozen yogurt shops at every turn, Hah had to be intentional about the experience given to each and every customer he explained.

He also couldn't let his fiery passion for the job be extinguished. He credits his tenacious spirit for keeping him going and helping catch the eye of Marcia Jaffe, the association’s vice president of retail and hospitality, at the Taste of Buckhead last year.

"She (Jaffe) noticed my passion. But really, it's just an honor to serve," Hah told Buckhead Patch.

With a frozen yogurt places seemingly on every corner in trendy Buckhead, Hah knew that word-of-mouth marketing was powerful and effective, so he focused on making his customers loyal and recruiters of new customers because of the product and superior customer service.

"Our focus is quality. We're a hole in the wall, not easy to find. The month I came in, they were going to fail," he said.  "We try to treat each day as an opportunity to treat each guest as a very special person, not a one-time guest. It's all about creating raving fans." 

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