Jul 28, 2014

How Much Do Buckhead Residents Give to Charity?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy found that people in Buckhead donated more than $159 million to charity in 2008.


Buckhead is home to some of the world's wealthiest people, including Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank and media mogul Anne Cox Chambers.

Earlier this year, Blank joined other billionaires who have pledged to give away most of their fortune to charities and Cox Chambers is also well known for her philanthropy.

A new study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy finds that the Buckhead community as a whole ranks high in giving to good causes.

The 30305 ZIP code alone donated $100.4 million to charity in 2008, according to the study. That ranked the Buckhead ZIP code as No. 42 out of 28,725 ZIP codes nationally for giving.

In general, the study found that middle-income people gave more to charities in 2008 than wealthy people, and those in Republican-leaning states gave more than those in Democratic states.

The South was first among four regions studied by the Chronicle, giving an average of 5.2 percent of discretionary income to charity, compared with 4.1 percent in the Northeast.

Religious involvement plays a major role in charitable giving: When only donations to secular charities are counted, the Northeast leads, giving 1.4 percent of discretionary income to the South's 0.9 percent.  

Georgia ranked eight on the overall list of giving. (See the PDF displayed to the right of this story.)

The charitable giving data is searchable down to the ZIP code level in the Chronicle of Philanthropy's interactive map.

    Here are more details on giving in Buckhead:

       Total donated
       % of income   Median by

       to charity

       $100.4 million
       $35.1 million
       $14.3 million
       $9.7 million

    What do you think of the study's findings? How much do you give to charity? Tell us what you think in the comments area below.

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