Jul 30, 2014

Sarah Smith Kindergarten Students Say 'Bonne' to Soldiers

Marty Franchot's French classes make valentines for Fort Bragg, Fort Stewart

Madame Marty Franchot's kindergarten French classes at wrote Valentine's Day greetings to American soldiers.

Buckhead Patch is sending the valentines to our sister Patches at Fort Stewart, Ga., and Fort Bragg, N.C.  Three of Madame Franchot's classes made the valentines to tell the soldiers "merci" for their service. The students made nearly 70 valentines.

We're also working with students at the school to send electronic valentines to the soldiers. Anyone, young or old, is welcome to join in.

To create a valentine for soldiers, go to the Buckhead Patch Announcements section, which can be found under the news tab at the top of the page. Click the "Add an Announcement" box at the top right corner, and an announcement form will pop up. Then, write your valentine. For category, select "Thank You," or perhaps "connections." Please use the tag "Valentine 2012." Hit save, and the valentine will be in the Buckhead Patch system.

We will transfer all valentines received to our Fort Stewart and Fort Bragg Patches. Thanks for helping us send valentine's wishes to our soldiers.

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