23 Aug 2014
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Police Report Significant Burglary, Larceny Arrests

Police have arrested a suspect reportedly responsible for recent burglaries at Frank Ski's restaurant, as well as another suspect tracked back to numerous vehicle larcenies in the area.

Police Report Significant Burglary, Larceny Arrests

Not only is violent crime down in Buckhead, but Atlanta police made several significant arrests recently that have had an impact on both vehicle larcenies and commercial burglaries, according to Zone 2 at Tuesday’s meeting of . 

At the meeting, which was held at , Hobbs said police recently caught a suspect that shoplifted and then attempted to break into a car as well. As it turns out, the suspect has an extensive criminal history including robbery, burglary, larceny and auto theft. The suspect may be responsible for many car break-ins in the area.

“We tracked him back to break ins in Zone 5,” Hobbs said. “The area he was in has not had another car break-in since he was put in jail.”  

Sgt. Scott Ormond of the Zone 2 Criminal Investigations Unit said that another suspect has been arrested that is responsible for the and has confessed to numerous similar crimes in the area as well.

The suspect was caught on video surveillance at and prints were lifted at another recent burglary at a restaurant in Zone 5, allowing police to get a name, photo and ultimately an active warrant.  

Last Saturday, after reports of a window being busted out at Jersey Mike’s, 391 14th St. in Zone 5, police began canvassing the area and located the suspect, allowing them to make an arrest.

Ormand said that the suspect confessed to investigators to committing 8 out of 10 unsolved burglaries in the area.

“8 and counting,” he said. That was our guy. He was a career criminal.”

Hobbs said that violent crime in Buckhead is down significantly with the exception of aggravated assault, which is also trending downward. , although these recent arrests will likely have a positive impact. 

“If we can drive those numbers down, we will be driving the crime rate down,” he said.

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