23 Aug 2014
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Bar Fight Leads to Arrest of Wanted Man

Man stepped in when bouncers escorted his cousin out of the bar.

Bar Fight Leads to Arrest of Wanted Man

A man ended up in jail on an outstanding warrant after attempting to intervene when two bouncers escorted his cousin out of a downtown Buford establishment.

Gwinnett County Police were called to 37 Main on Oct. 28 after a fight broke out between two customers and two bouncers. When police arrived, a woman told them the bouncers had beat up her husband and knocked him unconscious. The woman advised that she wished to press charges against the two bouncers who, she said, had also beat up her cousin, later identified as Jamie Millsap.

The woman’s husband and Millsap reportedly kept telling the woman to “drop it” and refused to answer the officer’s questions.

When interviewed by police, the bouncers and manager said the woman had been arguing with another female and “started making a scene.” The bouncers asked the woman to leave and she began yelling at them and making an even bigger scene. As the bouncers were physically escorting the woman out the back door, her husband and cousin allegedly intervened and began fighting with the bouncers. According to the police report, the bouncers pushed the two men out the back door.

The officer ran the woman and the two men through the criminal information database. The database indicated Millsap was wanted out of Hall County on an invasion of privacy charge. Millsap was taken into custody and transported to a location near the Hall County line where he was handed over to Hall County deputies.

No other arrests were made.

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