Jul 30, 2014

City Council Will Discuss Chamber Renovation Tonight

The Canton City Council is looking to refurbish its existing chambers by approving a contract at their Thursday evening meeting.

City Council Will Discuss Chamber Renovation Tonight

The Canton City Council is expected to finalize plans to approve a contract to renovate Canton City Hall's sanctuary space during their Thursday evening meeting.

The contract, with Mark Robillard Architects of Canton, will see a litany of changes that will transform the meeting rooms. Changes include the removal of asbestos, replacing the ceiling, and demolishing the pipe organ room in the attic. A catwalk will also be installed in the attic area.

The renovation is expected to be completed by Aug. 9, 2013 and will cost roughly $22,000. 

Other items of interest on the council's agenda include the possible declaration of a state of emergency at the Harmon Fields Lift Station, which is in urgent need of repair and renovation. Willow Construction Co., Inc. of Powder Springs is expected to receive $246,723.54 for completing the crucial repairs and updates.

Further topics of discussion include decorum at council work sessions, mayoral vetoes for certain measures and the appointment of a new indigent defense attorney.

Councilman Bob Rush is proposing a new Section 2-90 of the Canton Code that will allow council members to directly address one another or an audience member with approval of the mayor during council work sessions. During regular meetings, council members may not speak unless called on by the mayor. Personal remarks will be inappropriate.

Rush also wishes to alter the city charter in regards to mayoral vetoes. Rush's change would allow the mayor to veto any ordinance passed by either a 3-0 or a 3-1 vote. If all members of the council are present and vote to pass an ordinance, this veto will not apply.

Thomas A. Roach, Jr. City Court Judge for Canton, has asked Mayor Gene Hobgood to appoint David Myers, the current indigent defense lawyer for the city, as the Assistant Solicitor for the City of Canton and to appoint Chris Bishop, a local attorney, as his replacement at the defense table.

The council will also hear proposals from Councilman Bill Bryan to allow both monthly meetings to be regular meetings instead of one work session and one regular meeting, and Councilman John Beresford will discuss the slate of candidates for city committees.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at Canton City Hall. If you are unable to attend the meeting, Canton-Sixes Patch will host a live stream of the proceedings.

All items discussed in this article, including the agenda for the entire meeting, are attached to this article.

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