Jul 28, 2014

Letter: Hold Your Wallets

At Thursday's Canton City Council meeting, Council member Bill Bryan asked his colleagues to call a special election that would allow voters to decide if they wanted to keep the city's senior homestead exemption. The measure failed 5-1.

Letter: Hold Your Wallets

Within minutes of handing themselves a fat, juicy tax break, the Canton City Council was .

Yes , and they DON’T pay, but by golly they don’t mind sticking THEIR hand in YOUR wallet.

Last night the Canton City Council brought our city one giant step closer to financial collapse. As revenues continue to fall and continues to rise, they waste time and money fiddling around with the Charter, they scheme of ways to make the taxpayers pay for their private streets in their exclusive neighborhoods and they hire more “consultants” to “study” the water department.

Last night we were treated to a breathtaking display of arrogance, special favors, and good ole boy politics that would make Boss Hogg proud. Like Ole Waylon used to say on the Dukes of Hazard, "Ya’ll stay tuned. Lets see whats a gonna happen next”. 

Bill Bryan

Canton City Council member, Ward II

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