Jul 28, 2014

Morning Briefing: Vote Early, Not Often

Here's what's going on in Canton this Monday.

Morning Briefing: Vote Early, Not Often

1. Weather: Brr! The National Weather Service only expects it to get up to 54 degrees today, with gusting winds and clear skies. Don't forget to bring your outdoor plants in tonight, as the low temperature will be around 34 degrees.

2. In Case You Missed It: The Great Pumpkin Festival was a smashing success this weekend! If you were able to make it out to Cannon Park or want to see what you missed, check out our photo gallery. Feel free to add any photos you took at the event to the gallery!

3. Happening Now: Have you voted early? If you want to avoid election-day waits, Cherokee County has ample opportunities available to you to cast your ballot ahead of time. Wait times have not been as atrocious as those in Cobb County, according to Cherokee County Elections and Voter Registration. 

4. Looking Ahead: How did Creekview High School fare against Forsyth Central on Friday? Get your gridiron fix at 10 a.m. with pictures and a recap of all the big plays!

5. On This Date in History: On Oct. 29, 1969, the forerunner of the Internet was born when a student at UCLA sent a message to Stanford via the ARPANET

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