Jul 28, 2014

Car Burglaries Up in Cartersville

Police are asking the public to help prevent vehicle break-ins by following safety precautions.

Car Burglaries Up in Cartersville

Cartersville has experienced a rash of auto burglaries throughout the past several weeks, police department officials, asking for the public's help, said today.

"One particular area of interest is the parking lots of gyms and workout centers. Thieves know that people are more likely to leave valuables in the car rather than take them inside and put them in a locker," authorities said in a release. "If you must leave something in the vehicle, lock it in the trunk if possible, or have it out of sight with the vehicle locked."

Cartersville Police Department is asking local residents to follow that and other guidelines.

"Working together we will be able to apprehend those responsible," Chief Thomas "Tommy" Culpepper said in a release. "The department continues to follow all leads that we receive. This matter has become a top priority for everyone in the department."

Police say exercising these safety precautions will help stem the tide of breaking-and-entering incidents:

  • Do not leave any valuables in your vehicle.  This would include items such as cellular phones, computers, tablets, laptops, CD players, calculators, packages, loose change or money, jewelry, and anything else that a thief would consider worth taking.  Do not leave guns in vehicles.
  • Make sure your vehicle is locked.  The easier it is to gain entry into a vehicle, the more likely it is that something will be taken.  Thieves usually try several vehicles until they find one that is unlocked in order to avoid any noise.
  • As we approach the Christmas shopping period, keep packages locked inside the trunk if at all possible. Again, do not leave valuables visible in the vehicle while the vehicle is parked.
  • If you see someone suspicious peering into vehicle windows, call 911. Do not attempt to make contact with the individual. Try to get as accurate a description of the subject as possible.  The more information police receive, the more likely the apprehension if there is a theft.

    Anyone with information concerning auto burglaries should call the department’s Criminal Investigation Division at 770-387-5690.

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