23 Aug 2014
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3 SW Atlanta High Schools Newly Named AP STEM Schools

Banneker High School, Langston Hughes High School, and Westlake High School were recognized for their high achievement

3 SW Atlanta High Schools Newly Named AP STEM Schools

More than half of Fulton County's high schools can proudly proclaim that they are "AP Honor Schools" and leaders in offering students the most challenging curricula available. What is most exciting is that 3 of the recognized schools pull from students that live in southwest portion of Atlanta.

On the 2013 AP Honors list were 3 schools that Cascade Patch readers know well. Banneker High School and Langston Hughes High School were recognized for high math and science achievement, and Westlake High School was highlighted for a third consecutive year.  These schools are recognized as AP STEM Schools, a category that recognizes schools with students testing in at least two AP math courses and two AP science courses.

The 2013 awards are based on the Class of 2012's testing results and are grouped into five categories: AP Merit Schools, AP STEM Schools, AP STEM Achievement Schools, AP Challenge Schools, and AP Access and Support Schools. The STEM categories recognize high schools with achievement in AP Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics courses.

In addition, earlier this year North Springs Charter High School, Riverwood International Charter High School and Westlake High School were chosen for the competitive new Advanced Placement STEM Access program. The program, which selected only 800 schools nationwide, aims to increase the number of minority and female high school students who participate in AP STEM courses. The initiative identified schools that historically have had a higher population of minority students desiring to take an AP STEM course not offered by the school.

Congratulations to the students and teachers at Banneker, Langston Hughes, and Westlake for their recognition and achievement.

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