Jul 28, 2014

Angry Ex-Boyfriend Pursues Man During Vehicle Chase

Ex-boyfriend accused of chasing, striking the vehicle of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

Angry Ex-Boyfriend Pursues Man During Vehicle Chase

A man reportedly told police his desire to fight and harm his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend led to an extended vehicular pursuit through Buford.

Gwinnett County Police were dispatched to the Red Lobster on Buford Drive near the Mall of Georgia after a Loganville man called to report that another man had chased him and struck the rear of his vehicle.

According to the Loganville man, he was almost to his girlfriend’s house on Skylar Ridge Drive in Buford when he saw the woman’s ex-boyfriend pull into the driveway. The Loganville man said he quickly turned his vehicle around and drove away to avoid a confrontation with the man, later identified as Maurice Bell, 43, of Decatur*.

Bell reportedly spotted the Loganville man and began following him in his Hummer H3. The Loganville man told police Bell followed him down Bart Johnson Road, up Hamilton Mill Road and onto South Bogan Road. Bell allegedly followed the man onto Buford Drive and continued his pursuit until the intersection of Buford Drive and Mall of Georgia Boulevard where he struck the back of the Loganville man’s vehicle before fleeing the scene.

The Loganville man led the officer to a yard at the corner of Hamilton Mill Road and South Bogan Road to point out the tracks caused when both vehicles drove in circles in the grass multiple times before continuing down South Bogan.

“[The Loganville man] stated that during the chase he was in fear for his life and thought Bell was trying to kill him,” the officer wrote in the arrest report.

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While the officer was speaking with the Loganville man, another officer located Bell. The officer went to the location where Bell was being detained and noted that he immediately smelled a “strong odor of alcohol coming from Bell.”

When asked for his side of the story, Bell said he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house to visit his daughter. As he arrived, he saw the new boyfriend approaching in a black Charger. Bell reportedly told police he chased the man and “had intended to fight the male and wanted to harm him.”

Bell claimed not to recall striking the other man’s vehicle even though the front of his Hummer was damaged.

Bell refused to participate in field sobriety tests claiming he had only had two beers.

Bell was placed under arrest on charges of DUI, hit and run, aggressive driving and aggravated assault.  He was released later that day on an $8,725 bond.

*The Gwinnett County Police report lists a Decatur address for Bell. Gwinnett County Jail records list a Buford address.



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