Jul 26, 2014

Another Incident of Gate Damage Blamed on Newspaper Delivery Complaint

So far this month, two people who have reported gate damage say they recently complained about poor newspaper delivery service.

Another Incident of Gate Damage Blamed on Newspaper Delivery Complaint
A Dacula man believes a Jan. 5 incident at his Franklin Circle home may be related to a recent complaint he filed regarding his newspaper delivery service.

The incident occurred on the same day another Dacula resident advised police he believes a complaint about the delivery of his newspaper may have led to $14,400 in theft and damages at his Harbins Road home.

The Franklin Circle resident told Gwinnett County Police he has "no grievances or problems with anyone" and had never had a problem previously. 

"[The Franklin Circle resident] mentioned to me that he recently (within the past two weeks) cancelled his morning newspaper," the officer wrote in the report. "[The man] stated the paper was delivered to his house each day, but because some days he could not locate it due to the delivery person throwing and placing to where he could not locate it, he complained to the delivery service and advised them he was canceling his business with them."

The man said he knew the Harbins Road resident and believed the two cases might be related due to their recent complaints about their newspaper service.

According to the police report, the Franklin Circle resident has a video surveillance camera directed toward the front gate, but was unable to advise at the time the report was taken if images of the perpetrator had been captured.

Several other incidents involving gate and fence damage have been reported in recent weeks. On Jan. 6, a Ewing Chapel Road resident reported $4,000 in damage to her fence after an unknown person pushed the fence over. On Dec. 30, two Jim Moore Road residents reported damage to their security gates. In one of the incidents, the resident advised it appeared as if someone had used a vehicle to push the gates open, breaking the control arm and bending one of the support bars.

All four cases are listed as active.

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