Jul 30, 2014

Be an Informed Voter

The best way to have good government is for voters to vote from an informed position.

Be an Informed Voter

It is time to begin paying attention to the election. The .  Early voting begins on July 9. The . For the voter who will not be able to take advantage of any of the above dates and is already registered to vote, there is the opportunity to vote an absentee ballot. There is no reason why anyone should miss this election, unless there is a major illness or other personal disaster keeping the voter from the polls.

Some people might accuse me of beating a dead horse. I want to go on record as doing everything I can possibly do to alert, arouse, and otherwise prod voters to vote. To sit out an election because your candidate did not make the cut or because you feel that all of the candidates are just alike is no excuse to give up your freedom to vote. Not only do I trumpet the need for all registered voters to vote, I also believe as a registered voter (who votes in every election), we must be informed on the issues and the positions of the candidates. As far as I am concerned, the coward’s way out in an election is to not vote. Also, for those who gripe and complain all the time about the sorry state of those who serve in elective office, unless you have voted, keep your mouth shut. It has been said, “The way bad politicians are in office is the people voted them in.”

The passion and beliefs of many people motivate them to become involved in helping a candidate as they seek office. That is good. The more people who are involved in the campaign process the better the candidates will be. When there is accountability after the election, it always makes for better representation. There should be no reason any voter wanting information about any candidate would ever say they could not find the information they need to make their decision as to the person that will receive their vote.

Candidates have websites, personal mail pieces, phone numbers where they can be reached, email addresses where questions can be asked of the candidates and many other ways by which one can know their positions on all of the issues. Added to this list above are a number of in business, commerce, agriculture, and political parties. Then, on top of all the other ways of knowing a candidate and their positions, we have media sources, print and online media cover every event of which they are aware to inform the voters concerning every candidate and every position.

We have issues facing our state in each region that are also important. The issue seems to be headed for defeat. From where I stand, the best way to have good government is for voters to vote from an informed position.  

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