20 Aug 2014
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CIA Operatives Make War, Not Love in 'This Means War'

The reviews are in - Chris Pine and Tom Hardy go head to head in an all-out battle for Reese Witherspoon's attention, but will audiences care who wins?

What happens when two CIA operatives fall for the same gal? Mayhem, according to the creators of "This Means War." 

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play spies vying for the attention of Reese Witherspoon. What begins as an agreement to let the best man win soon spirals into a nasty battle.

Movie critic Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune described the movie as falling into the subgenre of "adorable assassins and their complicated love lives." Phillips rated the bulk of the film as an "F."

" 'This Means War' is pure, witless discombobulation," he wrote.  

According to Neil Rosen of NY1, the stars make the movie "more watchable than it deserves to be" but added the movie is not worth box office prices.

"At best, it's a late-night HBO watch or a cheap DVD rental, which is where I imagine this movie will wind up quite soon," he wrote.

San Francisco Chronicle critic Mick LaSalle offered up some of the harshest criticism:

"Reese Witherspoon isn't an idiot, and yet she made 'This Means War,' which leads to the question: Was this some temporary lapse in judgment or was this the best offer she had?"

Labeling the movie as ugly and misguided, LaSalle added 'This Means War' is "a missive from a horrible place - a still-fictional country in which there is no such thing as privacy, in which bullying is charming, power is unchecked, brutality is a form of sport, and women are desperate." 

Do you think the comedic aspect of this film will outweigh the shortcomings? Tell us in the comments.

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