21 Aug 2014
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Daytime Robbery, Restaurant Scores and Lingerie Football

A look at a few of the most notable stories this week on Dacula Patch.

Daytime Robbery, Restaurant Scores and Lingerie Football

Man Says He Was Robbed in Regions Bank Parking Lot

This story would be disturbing under any circumstances, but the fact that it occurred in broad daylight in a bank parking lot makes it even more so. It is very easy to become complacent when you are out running errands. It is critically important to remember thieves and robbers are looking for easy opportunities to strike. Don’t make yourself an attractive target.

Should Sanitation Fees Be Included on Property Tax Bills?

This is an issue that has riled a lot of county folks ever since the mandatory trash plan went into effect. Is it appropriate to bill sanitation fees along with property taxes? Personally, if the county is going to get in my business and tell me what trash provider I have to use, then I don’t really care how they bill me. I am not going to be happy about it regardless. Technically, I suppose we are better off since we have to pay for the billing anyway through our tax dollars -- not that we’d ever see the savings that result from the combined billing. Anyway, now city residents have to decide how they’d like their sanitation fees billed. Hopefully they are at least happy with their service.

Thanks to Paul Thieken for sharing the incredible story of his wife’s recovery from a life-threatening illness. If you haven’t read his blog, please take a moment to do so. The Thiekens are very commendably working to turn their horrifying experience into a way of helping others. 

A Dacula Patch reader commented that we must have a new inspector in town. Maybe so. We’ve had a lot of less-than-stellar scores of late. All I know is that I am grateful to see the health department working in our area.

Lingerie Football League Coming to Gwinnett

Naturally this article got a good bit of traffic. Men are so funny. Anyway, maybe the LFL will put some more money in the county coffers while spreading a little bit of happiness amongst the male set. My question is this: If the players are female, are the cheerleaders male? In my mind, I have a vision of a Chippendale-style squad …

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