Jul 26, 2014

Dos Copas Management Addresses Health Inspection Report

Restaurant was closed for a brief period due to a repeat violation.

Dos Copas Management Addresses Health Inspection Report

Dos Copas was closed for a brief period last week after receiving an 80 on a health inspection report.

Dos Copas owner Paul Dalrymple emailed Dacula Patch to explain what happened and discuss the steps Dos Copas has taken to prevent future issues. According to Dalrymple:

Yesterday, we received a health inspection and got an 80 –B. Unfortunately, we had an employee who did not follow our cooling procedures while prepping food yesterday; this happened to be a repeat violation therefore we were forced to shut our doors  for the night and come in for a mandatory training session today which we were happy to do. We took immediate action with this matter. The employee was counseled and disciplinary action was taken, we had a meeting with our staff to review safety and proper handling guidelines. This is a matter that we are treating with the utmost importance and no one is more disappointed in the situation than we are.
I have been in the restaurant business for over 20 years and I am extremely passionate and focused on taking careful measure to insure safety of our customers and the quality of product we offer. We are already improving our procedures to ensure this never happens again. We are extremely diligent with checklists, cleaning projects and quality inspections.

Dalrymple added that he wanted to let the community know what had happened:

We know how important it is as members of the community to let people know when something is not right, we know how important it is to serve a quality product in a healthy environment and when that doesn’t occur it is their right to be informed. Unfortunately in this circumstance we were within all the health code and sanitation guidelines except for our cooling procedure on one item which was off by 4 degrees and coming down by the minute. I am in no way trying to down play the importance of this, just trying to express that we run a very clean, structured and well managed business on a regular basis that I would be proud to invite anyone to come see.

Dos Copas was reinspected on Feb. 8. According to the report, all violations were corrected and the restaurant was allowed to reopen.

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