23 Aug 2014
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Is Your Realtor Your Go-To Guy (or Gal)?

Use your realtor to get connected to other local services.

Is Your Realtor Your Go-To Guy (or Gal)?

Did you know that your realtor can be a great resource for information other than giving you a list of homes in the area or providing you a list of foreclosures? Your realtor can be your go-to guy or gal for many other services.

Most realtors, as they perform their daily tasks, meet people that can be a valuable resource for you. Some of the obvious professions that a realtor could refer to you would be a mortgage lender, a home inspector or a real estate attorney. But a good realtor could also be a referral source to professionals that either help you save money or to those that do a superior job in their field.  

Many of those professions could be related to homes services. Many times a client will call and ask if I know a good painter, a talented landscaper, a pest control company or they need an electrician fast. Maybe they need a heating and air company or a flooring company for installing carpet or hardwood floors. But the referrals don’t have to stop at home services. A well connected realtor might be able to help you find someone to fix their computers or build your company a web page or marketing strategy.  Do you know a good chiropractor or eye doctor? What about health insurance or a good photographer for family events or a senior portrait??

As a realtor in the area, I belong to several very dynamic networking groups in and around Hamilton Mill and Dacula. I tell all my buyers, especially if they are out of town, that I am “the guy who knows a guy.” I would imagine most realtors are also connected in a similar fashion. So, if you are in need of a service, whether it is home repair or not, call your realtor. I am sure they would love to hear from you and they would love an opportunity to help.

Now that we have already established that realtors can be a great resource, turn that around. Do you have a business or service that your realtor could send people too? Reach out to your realtor and let them know how they might be able to help your business. You never know, the next referral might be to you.

Good Luck and Good Networking!

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