Jul 30, 2014

Man Arrested for Disorderly Conduct Offers '$1 Million' Not to Go to Jail

Inside Police Reports: Man was allegedly intoxicated and passed out in front of Dacula business.

Man Arrested for Disorderly Conduct Offers '$1 Million' Not to Go to Jail

An allegedly intoxicated man arrested for disorderly conduct after being passed out in front of a Dacula business offered a Gwinnett Police officer “one million dollars” not to take him to jail.

That was after the man argued with the officer that he wasn’t drunk, or stoned, and accused the officer of “ruining this life,” according to the incident report.

Police responded to a report from an off-duty officer about an intoxicated male passed out in front of Bullseye Fitness in the Hamilton Plaza shopping center around 8 p.m. on May 3. The off-duty cop also said the man smelled of burnt marijuana.

When the responding officer approached, the man was sitting up and smoking the last bit of a rolled up piece of paper; the officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana himself. The man’s eyes were bloodshot, his speech was slurred and there was alcohol on his breath, the incident report stated.

The man denied being intoxicated from alcohol or pot, but admitted he fell asleep because he was “tired from a 65-hour work week.” He was uncooperative with the officer’s questions, but when he was informed he was being arrested and charged, he pleaded with the officer not to arrest him because he was on probation and not allowed to drink.

He told the officer, “You will be killing me if you bring me to jail.”

En route to the county jail, the man told the office he would give him $1 million to let him go. The answer was no, and the man offered $1,000, then a “last offer” of $5,000. The answers were no.

The man called the officer “heartless” and “a piece of [expletive]” on the way to jail.

“However, he did apologize for that last remark to me,” the officer wrote in the report.

There was no evidence of marijuana at the scene. The man was cited for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

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