Jul 30, 2014

Party Ends in Arrest of Several Dacula Teens

Deputies find beer, whiskey, vodka, bong and alcohol-soaked Gummi Bears at Winder party.

Party Ends in Arrest of Several Dacula Teens

Several Dacula teens were arrested this past weekend after Barrow County Sheriff deputies were called to investigate a loud party at a Roxie Maxie Road home in Winder.

Deputies arrived at the home just after 1 a.m. on March 4 and found several people in the front yard. As deputies approached the home, the partygoers ran towards the house and garage.

Both garage doors were open and deputies could see beer cans strewn throughout the garage. Deputies also saw whiskey, vodka, a bong (water pipe used to smoke marijuana) and an “extremely large” fishbowl filled with Gummi Bears soaking in alcohol.

After separating the partygoers by age, deputies used a portable breathalyzer to test all the subjects under the age of 21 for alcohol use. Each underage partygoer between the ages of 17 and 20 that tested positive was placed under arrest for underage consumption of alcohol and transported to the Barrow County Detention Center. Juvenile partygoers were released to their parents and all those 21 and over were allowed to leave with a sober driver.

Those arrested for underage possession included Erin Grindstaff, Patrick Holes, Anthony McIlwain, Eric Hill and Tyler Whitehead of Dacula; Briana Kool, Antimony Gold, Cheyenne Altice, Jalen Tullis, Amie Lynn and Lauren Goldstein of Lawrenceville; Cory Seward of Auburn; Justin Summerour of Sparta; Adam Dowell and Shea Cooney of Sugar Hill and Taylor Shrope-Tulis of Buford.

Jesse Moore, 22, of 1210 Roxie Maxie Road in Winder, was charged with 18 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, disorderly house and a noise disturbance.

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