Jul 29, 2014

Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

Propeller Airports announced Aug. 29 that resumes are now being collected in anticipation of the County leadership moving forward the privatization of Briscoe Field.

Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

On Aug. 29, Propeller Airports issued a

The “historic economic development project” is the controversial . Last week, the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners from firms interested in privatizing the airport.

said his objective, should Propeller be the company selected by the county to privatize Briscoe Field, would be to try and fill jobs locally.

“With close to and over 35,000 people searching for jobs right here in Gwinnett, there is certainly no shortage of qualified, quality people that would like nothing more than to get back to work,” Smith said in a released statement.

The article detailing the announcement has generated numerous contents with the majority expressing skepticism of Propeller’s motives:

  • I wonder why the other two interested companies haven't been heard from?? Looks to me like they don't stand a chance. Here again...what does the BOC know that we don"t? Propeller seems pretty darned confident...wonder why???? – A. McNeil
  • And you don't think something shady is going on? I'd be investigating now before it's too late. – DaculaWeather
  • This has a bad odor to it and every time I read it the stench gets worse. I believe this is a marketing sham concocted by Propeller Investments to influence public opinion in their favor. Either that or we have some underhanded back room dealing going on and corruption with our BOC. The RFP hasn't even been let yet. It seems pretty devious to be touting a bunch of employment opportunities at this stage. Hello Danny Porter, are you out there? – Hugh C.
  • The press release referred to is WAY out of order in the total process. Ever heard the phrase "gettin the cart before the horse". There are SO MANY points of evidence regarding this being shoved down our throats it's ridiculous. The MAIN point being an FAA backed study that CLEARLY SAYS DON"T DO IT. – G. Fox

One person had a more favorable opinion:

  • Why does everything have to be a conspiracy?? If this was a sham don't you think Bannister would have rammed it thru two years ago?? – Cole

What do you think? Is the Propeller announcement a well-intentioned act directed at advising people of the company’s intent to hire locally or is it a case of putting the cart before the horse?

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