20 Aug 2014
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Quick-Thinking Robber, Trash Controversy and Shaky Ground

A closer look at a few of this week’s Dacula Patch stories.

Quick-Thinking Robber, Trash Controversy and Shaky Ground

Armed Robber ‘Buys’ Energy Drink So He Can Rob Hamilton Mill BP Station

I’d like to see the surveillance video of this robbery. I’d just like to see the look on the robber’s face when the clerk told him he couldn’t open the cash drawer unless the robber made a purchase. The robber, thinking fast on his feet, grabbed an energy drink and handed it to the clerk to “buy” it. I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head at the thought. I’m just glad the clerk was uninjured. 

Gwinnett Residents Could See Hike in Cost of Trash Collection

I am constantly amazed at how willing some people are to hand over their decision making to the government. If you don’t like multiple trucks in your neighborhood, get your neighbors together and bargain for a discount rate from your hauler of choice and have just one set of trucks in the subdivision. Don’t like worrying about selecting a hauler or paying a quarterly bill? Why abdicate that responsibility to the government? What’s next? Are we going to let the government decide whether UPS, FedEx or USPS get to deliver all the packages so we don’t have excessive wear and tear on the roads? Seriously folks -- the government cannot solve all your problems.

Earthquake Reportedly Felt in Dacula

I didn’t feel this quake, but apparently a few did. We had one in Dacula many years ago. It sounded and felt like a tractor-trailer passing by with its Jake brakes engaged. Hopefully we’ll never have to worry about a large quake in our area.

The economy is still rough and job seekers are facing stiff competition in today’s market. In this week’s “Three Questions With the Mayor,” Dacula Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks offered up some good advice for people currently seeking employment.

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