23 Aug 2014
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Man Taken to the Cleaners by Bogus Dry Cleaner

A roundup of unusual cop stories from Northeast Georgia.

Man Taken to the Cleaners by Bogus Dry Cleaner

Many people have probably dealt with the frustration of having a dry cleaning store lose a piece of clothing, but a Stone Mountain-area man had an even worse experience. The man was  earlier this month (sorry, we couldn’t resist) when he responded to a special advertising “11 pieces for only $18.95,” according to a police report. He dropped off the clothes and paid the money, but when he returned to pick up his clothes six days later the building was deserted.

Stealing clothes is one thing, but stealing paint? A Lawrenceville man was arrested on from a Johns Creek Home Depot. Apparently, he tried to wheel the paint out of the store in one of those shopping wagons when he was stopped by the store’s loss-prevention officer. Store employees said they saw the man with two other people earlier and that he had left with paint twice that day.

It was not stolen paint, but a few stolen moments in a Waffle House bathroom that sparked the confrontation that landed another Lawrenceville man in jail. The suspect asked a Duluth Waffle House patron what he had been doing in the can for so long. The man told police he went into the bathroom to have a private conversation with his mother about his girlfriend, who also was in the restaurant. The men began to argue and the confrontation spilled outside, where  and asked, “Say something now. What are you going to do now?” Police caught up with the suspect later. The serial number of his gun had been altered.

In other Waffle House shenanigans, a Buford man was removed by police from a Waffle House after the manager complained the man . Police noticed a strong odor of alcohol from the man and that he had problems standing in one place. A waitress told police the man scared off around 10 customers. The man said the employees were acting crazy. The man was arrested on disorderly conduct charges.

Speaking of acting crazy -- just because you think someone is driving crazy, don't flip him or her the bird. A man did just that to another man following too closely on a Lilburn-area road. The second man sped up to catch the flipper, confronted him at a stop sign and . Fortunately, things simmered down. The gun-wielder wasn't found.

A gun also came into play during a Dacula road rage incident. A Winder man upset that he was forced into oncoming traffic by another driver in Gwinnett County decided he needed to find out why the driver cut him off. So, he approached the car at a stoplight. was the answer. Police told the first man he probably shouldn't do that again.

Other things you should not do -- leave your car running while you go inside a gas station. A truck driver from South Carolina stopped for a bite to eat at a gas station off I-985 in northern Gwinnett County. When he returned, his tractor rig was gone. You guessed it ... .

In another quick hit, Gwinnett County police officers say it took them 90 seconds to respond to a burglar alarm at a Dacula-area gas station. That ended up being  and open the cash registers. When police arrived, they found a hammer on the ground near the front door.

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