21 Aug 2014
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Another UFO Sighting Reported, This Time in Buford

An individual reports seeing white oval-shaped object zigzag across the sky before it disappeared into the tree line.

Another UFO Sighting Reported, This Time in Buford

Just a week after a , another unidentified flying object has been spotted -- this time in Buford, Ga.

A report posted on  UFO Stalker, a website that tracks reported UFO sightings throughout the country, describes the April 24, 2012, incident:

"I noticed a light in the sky, from my peripheral vision. It was at about my 11 o'clock direction. at about 45 degrees off the horizon. I immediately thought it was A meteor. I looked up, It was white, as if it was glowing, It did not pulsate. It was solid looking, oval shaped, and it had no tail."

According to the UFO Stalker report, the viewer watched as the object zigzagged across the sky before it eventually disappeared behind the tree line.

"I don't claim it to be any aliens from another planet. For all I know, it could have been the latest US Air Force, top secret, air craft or space craft. I know what I saw and IT WAS COOL."

The sighting coincided with the annual Lyrids meteor shower which began April 16 and ends on April 26.

Was it an alien craft or something else? What do you think this person saw? Tell us in the comments.

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