21 Aug 2014
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It's Super Tuesday: Vote or Keep Quiet

Enjoy the freedom to vote today.

It's Super Tuesday: Vote or Keep Quiet

I am back on my high horse insisting on the importance of being involved in the political process and taking advantage of the freedom we enjoy as we vote in every election.

In Georgia, we have the added opportunity of the absentee ballot process. We also have early and advanced voting available until the weekend before a primary or General Election. Today is primary election day in Georgia. This is a Presidential Primary Election. When we go to the polls to vote today, we have a choice as to the person we want to represent our values and positions on the issues we face in our country. By today, the decision should have been made as to the person you would like to carry the banner for your party. You have the choice to request the ballot you desire, either Democrat or Republican.

The general frustration and mistrust of people serving in government positions should motivate people to vote. I am hearing from some people, however, who are saying there are no differences in the political parties and no differences in the candidates. I disagree, but even if that charge is true, we still have a choice as to which party and which candidate we will support going forward to the General Election in November.

The biggest mistake people make is to determine they will sit this election out and not vote. The mistake being made by too many people is to think their vote does not count. The only way a vote does not count is when the person having the freedom to vote decides not to vote.

There are long lists given by many people today about the needs of our culture and how someone must step up to make the necessary changes to move our country forward. The unemployment rate is high and the complaint about government doing little about turning unemployment around by providing jobs is just one of the issues we are facing in our country. The gasoline prices rising to new highs for this time of the year are on the minds of many and are certainly affecting the pocketbooks of each person. With higher gasoline prices, we also have higher prices for groceries as the cost of living continues to rise. There are millions of other issues, it seems, causing us to have a restless concern about our nation and the direction we seem to be headed.

Can this nation solve all the problems we have in one election? Maybe not, but we can have the assurance we have voted our values and convictions. When we make the decision to not vote, and to sit this election out we give up our right to gripe and complain about those who are elected and how they are making decisions in running the government. From where I stand, if you choose not to vote, keep your mouth shut after the election is over. Go vote!

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