Jul 27, 2014

‘Well-Endowed’ Man Flashes Woman

Incident occurred in the parking lot of the Hog Mountain Kroger.

‘Well-Endowed’ Man Flashes Woman

A woman and her 17-year-old daughter got an eyeful as they walked through the parking lot of the last month.

According to the police report, the victims were returning to their vehicle when they passed a man standing at the open passenger side door of a full-sized black pickup truck. As the two women walked by, the suspect turned towards them. The mother said the suspect acted as if he was deliberately trying to make sure someone was watching him. At that point, the woman noticed the man’s pants were pulled down far enough to expose his genitalia.

The woman and her daughter quickly left the parking lot and called 911. The woman later told police she was too shocked to confront the man and did not attempt to obtain a tag number or even the make or model of the suspect’s vehicle.   

By the time the police arrived at the parking lot, the suspect was gone.

The woman described the suspect as a “well-groomed” white male in his late 30s with dark colored hair. At the time of the incident, the suspect was wearing a long-sleeved, blue dress shirt and black dress pants.

In the report, the officer wrote, “The complainant also stated the male was ‘very well endowed,’ referring to the size of his penis, and seemed as though he was trying to show it off.”

The case has been closed due to lack of additional details that would help identify the suspect.

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