Jul 28, 2014

Woman Accuses Pharmacist of Stealing Pills

Victim said half her Alprazolam pills were missing when she picked up her prescription.

Woman Accuses Pharmacist of Stealing Pills

A Winder woman believes a pharmacist at a Dacula drug store stole 30 Alprazolam pills from her.

The woman said she had four prescriptions filled at a local pharmacy. While still in the parking lot of the store, the woman checked her pills and realized she had only 30 Alprazolam pills instead of the 60 that had been prescribed.

The woman told police she believes one of the two pharmacists at the store took her pills.

The pharmacist on duty said she and the other pharmacist counted the pills before dispensing them. The pharmacist said she also checked the inventory to verify they had the correct number of pills remaining in stock.

According to the police report, the pharmacy area is monitored by several security cameras. The officer did not review the footage at the time of the report.

The case is listed as active.

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