22 Aug 2014
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816 pets saved in Paulding Animal Control in 2013!

816 pets saved in Paulding Animal Control in 2013! 816 pets saved in Paulding Animal Control in 2013!

No Kill Paulding has reported a 23% REDUCTION in the kill rate in Paulding Animal Control in 2013.  This reduced rate was by all means, no accident.  Many people in many capacities, some working full time jobs, have stepped forward to help make this happen.  Local businesses, such as La Cocina Mexican Restaurant and Pizza Shack, in Dallas, helped volunteers with fundraisers supporting the No Kill Paulding fund at The West GA Spay/Neuter Clinic.  This clinic helped those who specifically adopted from PCAC receive a discounted rate on spay/neuter and rabies shots, thus making it more affordable for people to adopt.


The Tractor Supply Store hosted several outdoor adoptions last year helping to increase the adoption rate and decrease owner surrenders.  They will host yet another outdoor event on February 16, 2014.  More than 200 less animals were processed through the shelter in 2013 versus 2012, and nearly 200 more were adopted!


Rescues such as RescueCats, Animal Savers, Cherokee Humane Society, Fancy Feline, Mostly Mutts, Half the Way Home, Atlanta Persian Siamese, Atlanta Humane Society, and more, have greatly added to those rescue numbers as well.  Citizens signed up to be fosters or volunteers for these rescues, and as a result, 358 more animals went to rescue in 2013 than in 2012!  There were months that more cats went to rescue than had gone in entire years previously!


Shelter volunteers have tirelessly given of themselves delivering animals to rescues throughout other counties in GA, often after putting in a full day's work.  So that pet's pictures and videos would be available to the public on Face Book, volunteers spent hours snapping and posting pictures which inspired people to adopt on PCAC's Save a Life Tuesday, a program which has also greatly helped animals get adopted before euthanasia day.


Yard sales, bake sales, online fundraisers, and petitions have assisted in raising the needed funds for vetting and sponsoring pets for adoption or rescue, and Christmas wouldn't have been Christmas at PCAC without volunteers putting up Christmas trees, dressing up the pets, and assisting people with possible adoptions, 


There are so many ways to support the shelter pets!  The Regal Beagle and their customers not only donated food, but they donated bandanas and free bath coupons for pets being adopted from the shelter!  The Tractor Supply Store and their customers also donated many deliveries of food; this allowed the shelter to give food to people who might otherwise have to surrender their pets.  This greatly improved pet retention!  Several local vets even provided discounted services to help more pets go to rescue!


So you see, the 23% reduced 2013 euthanasia rate was truly no accident.  It was a great effort made by many people, in many ways, to save the lives of these pets.  As good as this rate is, however, this is only the beginning.  2013 demonstrated in no uncertain terms that the 11 Steps of the No Kill Equation work!   And the wonderful outcome is that 816 less animals died in 2013 than in 2012.  Just imagine what we can all do together in 2014!


Hopefully, you have been inspired to adopt/foster or sponsor an animal yourself.  And maybe you will adopt from PCAC, but wherever you choose to adopt, you have definitely saved a life.

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