Jul 28, 2014
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Could 'City of DeKalb' Affect Decatur's Annex Decision?

The mayor says people are talking about turning all unincorporated areas of DeKalb County into a municipality.

Could 'City of DeKalb' Affect Decatur's Annex Decision?


A nonexistent "City of DeKalb" may become a factor .

A City of DeKalb would incorporate the all unincorporated areas that are left in DeKalb County. If it happened, Decatur couldn't grow because there wouldn't be any land left to annex.

It's not just talk. Last February, state Rep. Billy Mitchell (D-Stone Mountain) introduced a bill to create a City of DeKalb.

According to the Crossroad News, Mitchell said a City of DeKalb would have 600,000 residents.

The bill didn't go anywhere because fellow DeKalb legislators weren't comfortable with the idea. State Rep. Michelle Henson was quoted as saying the idea has been talked about for at least two decades.

Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd is certainly aware of the possibility. At the end of the annexation workshop Monday night, he mentioned that discussions are under way about forming a City of DeKalb.

While the idea seems like a long shot, the chances of success may have improved because the county is already losing land to municipalization and annexation.

Since 2009, the cities of Dunwoody and Brookhaven have been created. Both have plenty of commercial property that produces high tax revenue.

Decatur talked about annexing land about five years ago but backed off because it would have overloaded the school system.

Should Decatur move ahead with annexation now because a City of DeKalb may be created?

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