23 Aug 2014
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Decatur resident wins gift certificate in bank drawing

Decatur resident wins gift certificate in bank drawing
Customer feedback affirms bank’s ‘fanatical’ approach to service

Decatur’s Charlotte Pfeiffer won a $100 Buckhead Life Restaurant Group gift certificate from Private Bank of Decatur. She and her husband Pete are customers of the bank. The bank held a drawing from among respondents to its 2013 client satisfaction survey, which was tallied last month.

“I am heartened that so many clients responded and gave us high overall satisfaction, and 98 percent of those say we made it easy to become a client,” says the bank’s President, Judy Turner. “Ninety-two percent say they feel we know them and their special banking needs and preferences. Too, as in years past, they continue to rank service, safety/soundness and technology as important parts of their banking partnership with us.”

In keeping, survey results indicated that technology seems to lead the pack in terms of the services clients most often use. “Of course, one reason our market-leading technology is so good: The people behind it and the tailored human support you get for it if needed,” she says.

“I am glad that our friend and customer Charlotte and so many others saw fit to respond to our request for feedback," Turner says. "We opened Charlotte and Pete’s account before we actually opened our physical location here in Decatur, so they’ve been with us from the start – and before. I appreciate the confidence, especially in our team members, some of whom Charlotte mentioned by name in her response.”

Whether it’s checking, savings, online banking technology, business lending or mortgages, Turner says, “we believe all clients should benefit from the heightened level of service other banks reserve for a certain few. That’s what the ‘private’ in our name signifies: We don’t send just certain clients to a private banking department with heightened offerings – we’re bringing all of our customers the service, options and technology they value. If anyone out there doesn’t love their bank, I hope you’ll consider us.”

Private Bank of Decatur ( www.PrivateBankOfDecatur.com), a division of Private Bank of Buckhead  ( www.PrivateBankOfBuckhead.com), is located at 150 East Ponce de Leon Avenue in Decatur, at the corner of Ponce and Church Street. Private Mortgage Solutions, the bank’s dedicated mortgage division, which was recently relaunched and greatly expanded, is represented in both the Buckhead and Decatur locations, as is the bank’s Preferred Lender SBA division.

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